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Jersey cows walking in the pasture.

From our grass  TO YOUR GLASS



Nestled in the bend of the South Fork River sits our little slice of heaven. Our family farm is owned by Corey and Bridgette Lutz and family. Corey and Bridgette both grew up on dairy farms, so it was in their blood from an early age! In 1997, they started their own farm, Piedmont Jerseys. Everyone thought the couple was crazy for starting a grazing dairy, but Corey wanted to nourish the land to feed and house his cows. It gave them room to roam and helped the cows to live longer. To this day, the family farm milks around 220 Registered Jersey cows, many of which are over 10 years old! 



As Corey and Bridgette’s children grew, their love for the cows and land grew too. Being a small farm, our family knew that if we wanted to keep the cows and continue farming we’d have to make a change. In 2012, our family began planning to build an on-farm store and creamery. We wanted to provide our community with farm fresh Jersey milk, a taste you can believe in. By offering our milk directly to the public, we are sure we’re providing a fresh, local, high quality product. In 2019, we broke ground on our new adventure, Riverbend Creamery. Our milk is bottled right on the farm to offer the freshest milk you can get!

Meet Your Farmers

The Riverbend Creamery family.


To Yours

Corey Lutz, his wife Bridgette and their children are committed to providing their community with farm fresh, high quality dairy product in the most sustainable way possible. 

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