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  • Where can I purchase your milk and ice cream products?
    In addition to our on farm store, our products can be found at numerous local markets and grocery stores.
  • Are dogs allowed at the creamery?
    As long as they are leashed and don't come inside, your furry friends are more than welcome here! However, please ensure your dog does NOT touch noses with our cows as they can carry transmittable viruses!
  • Are your cows grass fed?
    We’re an intensive rotational grazing dairy. We graze 365 days a year and then supplement with hay and corn silage we grow here on the farm!
  • Do you host birthday parties/other private events?
    At this time we are unable to host birthday parties/other private events. However, we hope it’s something we can facilitate in the future!
  • Do you have a walk up or drive up window?
    We sure do! You can walk up or drive up to purchase any of our ice cream or milk products.
  • Do you offer any sugar-free ice cream?
    Unfortunately, we do not. Our ice cream recipe is naturally lower in sugar than most, but it still contains sugar.
  • Do you offer any dairy-free ice cream?
    We do not. All of our ice cream comes from the A2A2 milk that our Jersey cows produce right here on our family farm! People who are lactose intolerant or struggle to digest dairy are often able to enjoy our ice cream, although it is not a guarantee.


Want to know more about Riverbend Creamery? Here are some FAQ's that may be able to help.

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